Social Media Consultancy

Everybody knows about social media. Unlike its older cousin SEO that is shrouded in mystery and magic, social media is a familiar entity to most. Almost every business I speak to knows they should be ‘doing’ social media. It’s an easy enough idea, but the reality of implementing it can be a little tricky.

What's stopping you?

Time and time again, I see the same concerns around social media from business owners. The most common problems tend to be:
  • Simply getting over the inertia of starting
  • Limited in-house resources to ensure consistency
  • A concern over managing potential backlash or negative engagement
  • Lack of know-how to execute a clear strategy that generates tangible results
  • A struggle to understand how social media will drive conversions and therefore justifying any spend behind it
All of these are very valid concerns and in every instance, the crux of the matter is time. No time to get started, no time to maintain regular posting, no time to manage engagement, no time to develop a clear strategy and no time to measure the impact.

Strategy Creation

Social media marketing works best when there is a clear framework within which to operate. I will create a detailed strategy and plan that is closely tailored to your business and objectives. I'll also hold a training session with your team so they have everything they need to implement a killer social media strategy in-house.

Prices start from £550

Social Media Advertising

To really turbocharge your social media presence and drive qualified leads to your website, I highly recommend investing in some targeted advertising. I can manage your advertising campaigns to ensure the lowest possible cost per click.

Prices start from £400 for a one month four post campaign. Does not include budget for ad spend.

Developing a Strategy

The single most helpful step you can take in your social media journey is to develop a clear strategy. This will help to align a social media campaign with company objectives and provide a framework within which to operate. The findings and processes established as part of this can either be implemented in house by your team, or outsourced to a third party to handle.

Now is probably the time to mention that as a social media consultant, I don’t offer ongoing social media management as a service. In other words, I won’t take on your social media accounts and push out content on your behalf. Sorry.

The primary reason I don’t do this is that I believe that the best social media campaigns are personal and unique to your business. Nobody knows it better than you and your team. As an outsider, I’m not there to capture content on a whim and publish it, or to share genuine insights into the business. I don’t believe it’s a cost effective option for businesses, so I don’t do it.

What I will do is:

  • Provide a comprehensive strategy that is tailored to your business.
  • Run a training session with your in house team, so they are fully equipped to tackle implementation of a social media strategy moving forwards.
  • Hold feedback sessions to provide continued support and encouragement.

Once you’re over the initial inertia, you’ll realise that keeping up appearances on social media doesn’t actually take much time at all. It just needs a little research, thought and a push in the right direction. That’s what I’m here for.

Social Advertising

Organic posting is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s a good way of keeping things ticking over. But to really gain some traction and build an audience of potential leads, you’ll probably have to pay Facebook a bit of money. *sigh*

Just like taxes and death, it’s one of those sad facts of life that Facebook will not show your organic posts to many people. It’s extremely annoying. But, at the end of the day, Facebook is a business and it wants your money. So if you really want your content to be seen, it may become necessary to spend a bit of money.

It’s not all bad news though. Compared to other marketing and advertising channels, you don’t need to put that much money behind Facebook advertising in order to generate some fantastic results. You may notice that I only mention Facebook – Twitter and LinkedIn are generally far more expensive (LinkedIn in particular), so I’d suggest sticking with Facebook, which also covers Instagram. 

Plus, with Facebook advertising you can be hyper-targeted. Facebook knows a lot of information about its users. Frankly, it verges on the creepy. But let’s not dwell on that too much because it’s a bonus for advertisers. It means you can reach exactly the type of people who are likely to be customers, lowering your cost per click and increasing your chances of conversions.

When you’re just starting out, Facebook advertising can be a bit of trial and error. Now trial and error isn’t ideal when there’s money at stake. One of the services I offer is to manage social advertising campaigns and provide social advertising consultancy. Take the stress off your shoulders and place them gently onto mine.

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