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Content creation is integral to SEO. Publishing regular, high quality content demonstrates to the search engines that you are an authority in your industry. And the more authoritative your website is considered to be, the higher you are likely to rank.

As well as building your authority, consistent content creation also allows you to target long-tail keywords. That is, search queries which are longer than one or two words and tend to be informational in nature. It’s your chance to answer the frequently asked questions that your potential customers are likely to be asking.

For example, someone looking for SEO services may type into Google: ‘Should I hire a freelance SEO consultant or an agency?’. With any luck, they will stumble across an article of mine that directly answers this question (not yet written, but coming soon!). Best case scenario, I can generate a new lead with the blog post and push them towards making an enquiry.

Content creation
Content strategy

Content Marketing Audit

The trouble is, content creation is a time intensive process. If you’re going to be investing considerable amounts of time into content marketing, then you need to have a clear strategy. Never create content for the sake of creating content.

One of the services I offer is to create a content strategy for you. A good strategy is based on thorough research – both keyword and competitor research. We need to look at what long tail keywords have high search volumes and are most relevant to your business. Then we’ll look at where your competitors are ranking and consider how we can create content that is better than theirs.

If you don’t have time to take on the content creation in-house, then I also offer ongoing SEO content writing services. This usually involves a minimum of four blog posts a month. Each content title is chosen according to comprehensive keyword research, is written in line with SEO best practices and includes accompanying meta data. All articles are written according to brand tone of voice, or guidelines if provided.

Content Audit, Strategy & Plan

This includes the following:

- Keyword research
- Competitor research
- SEO best practices for content creation
- Seasonal content trends in your industry
- Suggested content titles

Prices start from £650.

Ongoing Content Creation

This includes the following:

- All the points listed under 'Content Strategy & Plan'
- Ongoing content writing services in line with the strategy
- If applicable, review and refresh of existing blog content to help it rank better

Prices from £700 per month based on four articles per month. Costs depend on industry and number of posts required.

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